How We Are Unique


We are a local full service bankcard processing consulting company. What this means for you as a business owner, is that we have the power to negotiate multiple quotes from the top providers in the Bank Card industry at NO cost to you. We provide our clients with our 10 years local experience in the bank card industry and have learned a few things to say the least. We have listened to our clients first and foremost, they wanted competitive rates, fast and consistent deposits, 24/7 reliable customer service, and a company to process with that has a track record of dependency. We have done the legwork of weeding out of the bad and constantly keeping an active presence in this industry to provide our clients with the best possible rates and service. Through our preferred partners we carry the top 8 banks card processing companies in the market place. We have the ability to represent these banks and give you competitive quotes from multiple providers, saving you time and money. How does this benefit you as a business owner? We are not pushing one company; and have no obligation to do so.TC Payment Solutions has a unique approach by bringing you the bank that best fits your needs, a customized program just for your unique organization and the lowest credit card processing rates in Traverse City. Not every bank works for every type of industry, that’s why our company was established, we understand the importance of competition, let our banks compete for your business. Call us for a complete business cost analysis and we will guarantee to increase your bottom line or we will issue you a check for $250.00 guaranteed. We are confident that one of our providers will make you a believer in our approach to conducting business in the competitive market place here In Traverse City, MI. From credit card terminals, POS Stations and credit card processing services, we do it all. Online or a store front our specialty is your business, let our business help your small business.

Trent A Kasper


Our Vision


We strive to help business owners find a more cost effective program for credit card acceptance. We help them utilize the latest technology to increase there bottom line and always provide 24/7 local customer support. To support the local economy and offer the lowest credit card processing rates with up front and honest pricing plans for both online and store front processing. 




Trent Kasper


11 Years Industry Experience

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John Addams

Business Consultant

4 Years Industry Experience

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jennifer Mcglone

Jennifer Mcglone

Business Consultant

2 Years Industry Experience

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bradley Grosh

Bradley Grosh

POS Specialist

2 Years Industry Experience

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